Arriving in New York

It’s very late but we are in New York city! Arrived via the Lincoln Tunnel through New Jersey and oh, what a sight. Even with low clouds and some fog, the skyline was spectacular with all the lights twinkling gold and silver. I immediately was able to recognize the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building.

The Lincoln Tunnel was exactly as I had imagined it to be with old cracking tiles and a cat walk so narrow you have to wonder if a person could really fit inside the rail. We arrived at 1am local time and the streets were teeming with taxis and garbage trucks and people everywhere. Walking, sitting on their Brownstone stoops, walking to the local coffee shop or weaving their bikes in and out of traffic. We travelled up 36th Avenue and crossed over Sixth Street which is also known as the Avenue of the Americas. We stopped in traffic in the garment district and I even saw a uniformed bellman step from his glassed in hotel lobby to open the door of a taxi of one of his guests.

We’re staying with Susan’s son while in the city and I do believe we are in Brooklyn, but I definitely could be wrong. Everyone else is asleep and the windows to the apartment are open letting in the sounds of a really big city. I see taxis and trucks and fire trucks and I can hear the horns blaring, and sirens wailing. Susan wanted to know if I need earplugs and I declined knowing that it’s not often I go to sleep with the sounds of tanker trucks and diesel busses as the city hustles and bustles in the street down below. I’m amazed. I’m awestruck and I can’t wait to explore this exciting city for the next five days! There will be a morning post and I’ll see if I can download some pictures from the drive here. It rained for more than half our journey and that kind of put a damper on the picture taking but not on our spirits.

Until tomorrow morning……


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