New York….End of Day One

Headed to bed, but wanted to post the rest of the pictures for all of you to enjoy. There’s so much more to tell you and to show you and to share with you, but my eyes are closing and we’ve got a busy, busy day planned tomorrow that starts with the Statue of Liberty at 8am and finishing the afternoon with the 911 Memorial and Museum. Tomorrow night is Keene’s Steakhouse and Whiskey Bar for dinner with friends and then Times Square and Broadway.

Before I say goodnight, I have to tell you just a little about dinner and our night. We walked through the neighborhood and it soon became apparent that we are in an authentic Polish neighborhood. Lots of bilingual signs and it seemed that every store, every business was all owned by or catered to the Polish immigrants. We walked by a medical clinic and every doctor listed had a Polish name. We had a delicious and traditional Polish meal that included pyrogies and blood sausage along with an array of meats and fish and even red potatoes cooked in a spice I had never tasted before in my life. Delicious!

After dinner we walked three blocks down to Transmitter’s Park and the India Street Pier. The park was so named for the building that still stands that apparently housed shortwave radio operators back in the days of the World Wars. We walked out onto the pier and immediately had a stiff wind blowing across the waters of the East River. I recognized the Empire State Building, the Chrysler building and the new World Trade Tower was pointed out to me. It was like I had been transported to another planet, another place as I stood there and took in the electrified skyline.

Can you tell I’m just blown away? This place is more than I could have ever imagined, bigger than I could have ever realized. But more than the size, more than the dazzle of the lights is the pure energy that is palpable and alive. You get the distinct impression that the city is truly alive.

Until tomorrow…..


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