New York, Day Two

Good Evening, Lovely People!

Just uploaded a new round of pictures from our adventure in New York. We had another very full day and I’m currently so tired that I’m not sure I can give this post what it deserves, but here goes.

Started off very early this morning and once again got to ride the subway. It’s amazing to me that you go in an underground tunnel, get on a speeding train and literally minutes later you are across town and when you come up the stairs, it’s like you’ve been transported to another world. I know it’s because it’s still a novelty to me, but I really think the whole concept is pure genius. There’s so many people that I can’t imagine you could get around at all on surface streets if all those riders had to navigate the city in an automobile. We got off the train at Battery Park and it was a short walk over to Castle Clinton which is where we caught the ferry out to Liberty Island. 

It was chilly out in the New York Harbor today with a stiff breeze that gave us goosebumps and chased us below deck for the ride over to tour the Statue of Liberty. It’s not a long ride and of course I could see Miss Liberty before we ever boarded the ferry, but as you get closer and closer and you realize the size and stature she brings, you understand just a little how many people have gazed upon her and opened their hearts to freedom and a new world. She’s grand and majestic and the setting is what you can’t appreciate in photos and videos. She sits in the harbor facing outward and I could easily imagine being an immigrant over a century ago and seeing her for the first time and what they must have thought and felt. 

We purchased tickets for the Crown tour and the National Park Service only allows a certain amount of people to make that last climb into the statue. We went to the right side of the roped off lines and a park ranger stopped us and looked at our tickets and told us we had to go to the end of the very long left side. We trooped all the way to the back and slowly made our way to the entrance. Once there we saw a sign that said Crown ticket holders are to be in the right hand line and Susan and I crossed over to that side. The park ranger that had sent us to the back of the line then yelled at us that we are to stay in the left hand line. I felt like I had been yelled at by the principal and we went back to the left line. We get up to the ticket taking area and are told that we are in the wrong line and to please go to the right hand side. Really? I expect better from the National Park Service and I did make a complaint about the first ranger that had continually forced us to be in a line we were never supposed to be in. And, that was after he had looked at our tickets that clearly said, Crown tour. We had to rent a locker to store everything but our water bottles and my camera as the stairs that we were going to climb are too narrow to have anything with you. 

We finally get to the zenith of this famous statue and she did not disappoint. It was smaller inside her crown than I had imagined, but it gave it a cozy feeling and looking out those windows at the New York city skyline and knowing that I was standing in THE Statue of Liberty, once again made me feel so humble and so thankful. It’s quite a feeling to be standing there in that tiny space knowing what this statue symbolizes and feeling connected to everyone who ever gazed upon her for the first time. There was also a park ranger standing on a narrow ledge and I worried what would happen if he ever lost his footing or ever slipped, but he seemed sure footed and he regaled us with facts and interacted with knowledge and enthusiasm. That went a long way towards making up for that first idiotic park ranger and this is one destination that I would highly recommend to anyone that ever comes to New York. Go see her, she does not disappoint. 

Well, my lovelies, my eyes are literally crossing and my fingers don’t seem to want to type the letters in the right order anymore. This will have to do for tonight as I can’t think straight anymore. I’m sorry to give this out in installments and I beg forgiveness and promise to give you all the highlights of Ellis Island and the 911 Memorial. 

Good night…sweet soulsImage


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