Tammy Beebe

glam tammy

I had the opportunity a few weeks ago to see Jerry Presley’s Elvis Live show in Branson. I loved the show, loved Jerry and was very impressed with both the band and the back-up singers. Those of you that read the blog post about the show, know that there was one voice that stood out from the rest and that was, Tammy Beebe.

Tammy was gracious enough to meet me for lunch and we had a chance to get to know each other. Her handsome hubby came along and within minutes, it felt like I was sitting with friends. The Beebes are friendly, open, authentic and genuinely nice people. I usually like to interview people one on one as I find them to be more talkative and forthcoming than when they are with their significant other, but this couple was different. As husband and wife and life-long friends, they brought a dynamic to the interview that I found charming and heart-warming.

tammy and brian

One thing that a lot of entertainers in this town seem to have in common is, they’re happy people. I think part of that comes from their faith, and their families, but mostly, I think it’s because they are chasing their dreams, doing what they love to do. There is no better feeling than getting up each day knowing that you are utilizing your God given talents. Tammy and her husband Brian are optimistic about their recent relocation to Branson. And, I have to agree with them. I think Branson is lucky to have another addition to the music scene.


Not only does Tammy have one of the prettiest voices I’ve ever heard, she is also one of the most beautiful women that I’ve ever seen. Inside and out. I put great stock in how a person is on the inside and Tammy is so talented that she could be green and covered in warts and she would still wow you with her singing. However, it’s not often that someone so radiant and stunning comes along that also sings like an angel. I had a hard time not staring at her over lunch, because she has the old-time Hollywood look. She’s as glamorous as Jane Russell or Ava Gardner and if she ever decides to pursue an acting career, she would look great on the big screen.

Tammy is also owner at BB Artistry and is an amazing make-up artist. She graciously volunteered to do my “author” photo and promised me that she would have me looking very glam. For my female friends, you have to go check out her site. She also does image consulting and skin care and once you lay eyes on this pretty lady, you’ll want to know her secrets.

tammy glitter

I’ve learned to ask who else in the family is talented and wasn’t surprised when Tammy told me about growing up with musically inclined parents. She sang in church from a young age, but told me that she never really took it that seriously, until she was a little older. The biggest surprise for me was how low of a speaking voice Tammy has, when she hits the highest notes, five days a week in her show at the Jim Stafford Theatre. She told me that she’s a natural alto singer and she’s had to train her voice and herself to reach the notes she does. That’s dedication, talent and perseverance.

Both Tammy and Brian are true examples of people that live by faith. They told me that it’s not always about what they want, it’s about what God wants. They include a lot of prayer in their daily lives and believe that God will lead them down the paths they are meant to walk. During the interview I found out that a few years ago, Tammy had auditioned for a part in Hairspray. Yes, Hairspray that is on Broadway in New York and the same Hairspray that starred John Travolta. She got the part, but knew in her heart that a move to New York wasn’t what was right for her at that time. She did admit with a big smile that she turned down the role before she knew about who her handsome co-star would be.

pretty tammy

So, there’s a little gem here in Branson that you have to go see and hear. I wouldn’t be surprised in just a few years time that Tammy could be at her own theatre, but for now, she says that she absolutely loves her job as a back-up singer for Jerry Presley. She loves the energy that Jerry brings to the show impersonating his famous cousin and has loved the challenge of learning all the Elvis songs. I can’t imagine anyone else singing her part and you won’t either, once you’ve seen her live.

tammy and jerry


2 thoughts on “Tammy Beebe

  1. Linda Negron says:

    Great read!!! It would be entirely natural to fall a little bit in love with each Branson celeb, whether man or woman. It sounds like Branson is a little piece of Heaven on earth and it cries out to many of Earth’s Angels…of which you are one!!! ❤

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