Baldknobbers Jamboree


A few weeks ago I found out that one of my favorite shows in Branson would soon be adding a new female voice to their cast. I was absolutely thrilled when I found out that Tammy Beebe was the performer they had brought onboard. I had a chance to see this wonderful, family show a few months ago, but couldn’t wait to see the new production with an added female singer. I had the opportunity to attend their wildly entertaining show last night and I was not disappointed.

The Baldknobbers Jamboree has a variety of songs including a patriotic medley, gospel and current country hits. Between the songs, there’s old-style comedy featuring Hargus Marcel and Droopy Drawers, Jr. These lovable, bumbling sidekicks are played by Jerl Adams and Tim Mabe. The interaction between the two of them combined with their silly antics had people laughing out loud and you couldn’t help but to love the skits. Brandon Mabe plays the straight guy and does a great job being the only “normal” one on stage. It’s Ozarks comedy at it’s best and it also dates back to the beginning of this family show way back in 1959. This funny comedic team only get better with time.


The Baldknobbers show has a great band that includes, Johnny Dumplin’ Cox, Mike Ito, Nathan Agdeppa, Jerry Adams, Jonathan Black, Pete Generous and Brent Mabe on bass and band director. Between the great songs, goofy comedy and emotional numbers, there’s a constant beat that runs through the show. It’s the sound of big-hearted, loving people that put themselves and their talent out there six nights a week.

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I know that I’m not supposed to have a favorite, but I do. As soon as the curtain rose and I heard Brandon Mabe with his sweet, southern drawl, I liked him best. He’s handsome and charming, but when he sings a pretty song, the women in the audience all swoon at least a little. There’s also a crinkling at his eyes that make you know his smile comes from the heart. Brandon is just plain likable and the perfect front man for his family show. He also puts up with the antics from Hargus and Droopy in a comically stoic way that lends credibility to the comedy routines.


And, then, Patty Mabe sings a song with such attitude and sass that I quickly have a new favorite. This talented woman sings with a growl in her voice and a swagger to her step. When Patty belts out a song or sings the harmony lines, she believes every word she’s singing and she convinces everyone who hears her that they need to listen to what she has to say. She’s one classy lady who I’ve come to admire and respect as much as anyone I’ve ever known. So, Patty was the definite favorite of the night.


I know I’m always slightly skewed in favor of the girls, because I love the pretty dresses and glittery outfits, so it’s no wonder that my mind was swayed to another absolute favorite in the form of Megan McCombs. No matter how many times I see this young woman both on and off the stage, I am stopped dead in my tracks by her beauty. She’s stunning, demure and petite, but has a voice that reaches the heavens. When she stepped out in the gorgeous lavender dress and began her sweet,sweet song, there was absolute silence in the theatre except for the girl on stage.  Megan makes you feel every note as if you were living it, so of course, there were tears from me. She’s riveting in her performances and is a true professional with every note she sings and every gesture she makes. How could she not be my favorite?


Yeah, but then there’s the Dreamy Cowboy. For those of you that read my first review of this phenomenal show, you’ll know that’s the nickname that I gave to Denton Mabe. This young man has only to sing in his quiet country voice and look at you with his soulful eyes for the vote to quickly turn to Denton in the favorites category. He’s quiet and dignified and gives a near perfect performance in this show. Deton has small-town manners and world-class charisma. So, he was definitely my favorite.


And, then, there was Tammy Beebe. I’ve written an earlier article on Tammy and I’m sure I will repeat much of what has already been said, but, I really can’t rave enough about this woman. First and foremost, she has one the biggest hearts I’ve ever seen. She literally wears it on her sleeve and is a fine example of humanity at it’s finest. Get beyond her caring and generous nature and you find a woman that is genuinely happy with who she is. And, she should be. She’s over the top talented with a voice range to rival any pop-star. Add to that, she’s classically beautiful with a face that Michelangelo would have wanted to paint. Ms. Beebe is the total package and yet has a graciousness about her that welcomes you to her world. Have to say that Tammy was my favorite.

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It all started more than half a century ago when four brothers and a friend decided to entertain folks with music and laughter. The Mabe family has carried on their tradition in the best way possible; with love for each other and for the people that come to their shows each night. At intermission, they all come out and greet their fans. They sit on the edge of the stage and sign autographs. They get hugs and handshakes and they pose for pictures with the grand-kids. But, what they really do is bring a couple hours of fun, love and laughter into our lives. At the end of the night I finally did decide on a favorite and it’s called the Baldknobbers Jamboree.

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One thought on “Baldknobbers Jamboree

  1. jan rader. says:

    This has been my favorite show since the first time I seen them in 1989. WOW What a show and so much talent and comedy and of course the Lord is present in everyone of their shows. That is a darn good package when ya wrap it all up. Love those Baldknobbers.

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